Company Infor


Founded in Nov. 23, 2006, Fontek Co., Ltd. has been a professional agent for local and worldwide well-known semiconductor components as well as passive components in Taiwan. Those products are extensively applied to computer, communication, household appliances, multimedia and related industry. Thus, Fontek has been successfully playing a role of connecting the components manufactures and the end-users in electronic industry.

With efficient sales and management team, Fontek is very alert to the up-to-date requests from suppliers and customers. In addition to keep the good relationship with suppliers and customers, Fontek also provides customers with total solution services.

Our constant efforts has won the trust and recognition of customers. Our Headquarter is located at Taipei City, Taiwan, R. O. C. We also have branch offices in Hsinchu, Taichung, Kaohsiung to offer our overall services through these marketing networks.

Currently, Fontek has competitive product lines and actively seeks agency of new products to enhance our services and diversification.



Business Philosophy


With enthusiasm, all of the works will be promptly executed and increase efficiency. Since there is an increase demand for higher speeds in the electronic industry, we believe that speed will be crucial to a successful business. For enthusiastic operation, every Fontek employee works together for the same object.

In pursuit of professional quality management, Fontek is committed to providing the highest quality products as well as services for customers. We would strive to meet customers satisfaction rather than pursue price competition blindly.

To provide overall services, Fontek sets much value on customers inquiry and places emphasis on customers satisfaction. We believe that positive communication with customers will be helpful for our continued growth and for a win-win situation.

Innovation is the wellspring of our continuous growth. It is important to our operation from products to services and management. Moreover, it also enables us to keep the same pace with the era of technological progress.